Basis Schedule Review Workshop

Ensuring Your Plan Reflects Reality & Achievability


CPM scheduling tools such as MS Project and Primavera P6 are powerful yet all too often dangerous.

A CPM schedule is a model – it is a model of reality reflecting how long a given scope of work will take to execute. The model comprises many building blocks including activities, logic, calendars and resources to name a few. Misuse these in your building of a plan and the result is an overly optimistic, unachievable schedule that will get misconstrued as poor execution later down the road. In reality, it’s not execution that will let you down, it’s the fact the schedule was poorly constructed and not bought into by your project team.

BASIS Schedule Review

Our schedule review workshops are a third-party objective assessment as to the quality and realism of your project plan. Our workshops include: 

  1. CPM Building Block Review: detailed critique of the use of logic, constraints, tasks, resources etc. Over 100 checks and balances are conducted to ensure a structurally sound schedule.
  2. Driving Logic & Float Analysis: determination of the driving path(s) leading to project completion.
  3. Estimate Buy-in Review: are your durations and costs realistic and reflective of market conditions?
  4. Work Sequence Analysis: is the sequencing of your schedule correct?

The net result from our reviews is a validated, calibrated and most importantly, achievable project plan that your team believe they can work to during execution.

Decision Support Through Schedule Optimization & Scenario Building

Beyond  just a schedule critique, our workshops ensure that your schedules are aligned with strategic objectives (i.e., client requirements). This often involves having to accelerate, compress or re-align your plan so as to achieve these objectives.

You decide which criteria you want drive the optimization by and we then crunch the numbers. The result is a set of alternate scenarios that gets you to your desired goal. These scenarios can then be used as exhibits when making an informed decision as to the most suitable plan to establish as your baseline going forward. 

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Additional Benefits

Beyond a structurally sound schedule a Schedule Reivew Workshop offers additional benefits:

Schedule Optimization

Identifying the most efficient path through the schedule requires more than basic CPM analysis. It requires reasoning & knowledge of what is to be built.

Team Buy-in

A Schedule Review Workshop is the opportunity for the project team as a whole to review the schedule & associated estimates. This drives validation & buy-in.

Scenario Modeling

Alternate scenarios provide the opportunity to either validate or deviate from original plans. An alternate scenario can often provide acceleration, risk mitigation and other previously undiscovered opportunities.

3rd Party Review

As is the case with our Risk Workshops, so is it with a Schedule Review Workshop. Third-party review can offer unbiased guidance as to the quality and efficacy of a schedule.