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Our results speak for themselves.

Investing project team’s time and of course money to conduct a risk workshop can in itself be a daunting and potentially risky endeavor. As the sponsor of a risk or schedule review workshop, you ultimately want meaningful results including:

  • A high degree of project outcome predictability
  • Deep insight into the true drivers within your project
  • Understanding of the effectiveness of the team’s planned mitigation

We pride ourselves in our track record. Predictability associated with time and money is the most valuable insight you can have as the owner of a project. 

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Not just another consulting outfit.

The traditional project management consulting model is outdated and let’s face it, isn’t very effective. Supposed risk-workshop facilitators are today a dime-a-dozen and yet we continue to see projects suffer from lack of control leading to costly overruns. How many times have you left a schedule review or risk workshop not really understanding what the outcome was?

We bring meaning and relevance to the table. We understand your project teams are busy. We understand that you need visibility into the bad stuff in order to pro-actively respond to and reduce risk exposure.

We don’t believe risk management is simply building a risk model and running reports. Reporting the fact that you have a very low chance of on-time completion is not helpful. What is helpful is knowing where your risk hot-spots lie and more importantly how effective your mitigation plans are in reducing or eliminating those risk hot spots.

We don’t hold you hostage for repeated reviews. You own whatever we build for you; you own the risk model; if you need help down the road though, of course we are here to help. Repeated schedule reviews and risk workshops actually provide trending for projects which is often the best indicator as to whether you have a grip on your project or not…