Projects don't fail because of poor execution; they fail because of poor planning.

Our mission with PMFocus "confidence" workshop offerings is to provide you with insight through advanced project analytics and highly effective cost & schedule risk workshop facilitation, enabling you to establish the most realistic and achievable project plans.

As the founders of Pertmaster NA, Acumen, BASIS and inventor of products including Acumen Fuse, we are the leading authority in project risk management and schedule analytics.

There’s a reason why we brand our workshops as “Confidence” Workshops rather than the overly used ‘risk workshop’ offering. While we adopt highly analytical risk models and we are ultimately looking at the risk exposure on your project, what we really bring to the table is confidence. Confidence in the realism of your schedule; confidence in the effectiveness of your planned mitigation strategies; confidence of achieving project completion on/before a certain date/cost.

To date, we have executed literally hundreds of schedule reviews and risk assessments around the globe on many different types of project. If you work with a Fortune 500 company, the chances are, we’ve helped one of your projects.

Not one to rest on our laurels, while we are proud of our track record, we are continuously looking for ways to make our process easier and the results more and more accurate.

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