For the past several years, PMFocus has been the home for our risk workshop offerings. That home is now BASIS.

As many of you know, we have been doing significant R&D around the topic of machine learning (artificial intelligence) and how it can be applied to  knowledge-driven planning. We are now taking the results from this effort and building a very exciting software tool that will benefit not just planners but more importantly, bring true consensus and intelligence during the entire planning process.

So as to provide a one stop shop for our software and services, we have re branded under the new name of BASIS.

Rest assured, we are the same team with the same passion. BASIS is founded and led by Dr. Dan Patterson whose drive for making project management tools smarter and more effective continues to grow. As well as the original PMFocus team, BASIS is excited to welcome Paul Self as VP. As co-founder of BASIS, Paul works closely with Dan taking the concept of knowledge-driven planning and turning it into a cutting-edge, next generation planning tool.

BASIS TimelineWe are excited about our progress and our new home at BASIS and even moreso, we are ecstatic to be releasing yet another best-of-breed project management software tool in the coming months.

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