We like to make complex simple.

It’s really easy to make complicated solutions. It’s really difficult to solve complex challenges with simple solutions.

We feel strongly that too many competing project management solutions today try to be the best by being complicated. This approach is not the way forward. We take a very different approach – we pride ourselves in continuing to bring to market products and services that make your life easier and your projects more successful through the use of simpler, more meaningful solutions.

We like being disruptive.

Disruptive solutions drive an industry forward. Project Management has come a long way in the past few decades. There are some very big names in our industry – without them there would be no project management as we know it today! For example, Primavera has touched literally thousands of project controls personnel and made their lives better. MS Project helped make CPM scheduling a mainstream approach to forecasting projects. Deltek’s influence on project management compliancy along with analytics through it’s Acumen suite have bettered projects’ understanding of planning and performance measurement.  We massively respect what a huge and positive influence these types of solutions have had on our industry.

At the same time, there is a growing need for change and improvement to what has already been built. Projects are becoming more complex, more scrutiny applied, more collaborative and in all honesty, a growing need for being more tightly controlled.

We will never build for the sake of just building. We truly do build to make better.

We build solutions that last.

We recognize that while investment in project management software tools and services requires commitment from you, it also requires commitment from us. We are motivated by successful projects and seeing our customers benefit from and embrace the solutions we provide.

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