Basis Recurring Review

Establishing a Recurring Review Ensures Continued Risk Mitigation

Risk and schedule review workshops provide an assessment of a project at a given point in time.  As a project advances they are often faced with new and unforeseen challenges.  Revisiting risk exposure and project health can surface opportunities to address these new challenges.

Our recurring review allows projects to leverage our risk and schedule review workshops at various stages of a project lifecycle.  This allows the project team to periodically engage our expert resources and demonstrate the level of control the project team has over risk exposure and project execution.

Each subsequent review tracks changes against key elements of the plan including:

Risk Workshop

Schedule Review Workshop

  • Schedule Quality
  • Risk Drivers
  • High Risk Paths
  • Causes of High Risks
  • Risk Response (mitigation) 
  • Schedule Quality
  • Estimate Consensus (buy-in)
  • Driving Logic & Float
  • Work Sequencing


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Why consider Recurring Reviews?

Economies of Scale

Organizations considering multiple workshops receive reduced rates for additional workshops or revisits of prior assessments.


Standardization of major project reviews create consistency and understanding of how to determine, review and respond to project risk.

Gate / Phase Reviews

Project plans are often revisited and refined as they advance through each phase in the project life-cycle. As a result schedule health and risk exposure should also be reassessed to reflect changes and new assumptions.

Maintained Confidence

Each subsequent review should demonstrate an increasing level of confidence in the plan by illustrating a narrowing in potential plan outcomes and risk exposure.