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Owner and contractor commercial risk is linked to project contract type. Get this wrong and you are setting yourself up for failure before the project has even begun.

Our cost & schedule risk models provide owners and contractors with insight that ensures acceptable and balanced risk exposure leading to win-win partnerships and project success.

Projects don't fail because of poor execution; they fail because of poor planning.

Our mission at BASIS is to provide you with insight through advanced project analytics and highly effective cost & schedule risk workshop facilitation, enabling you to establish the most realistic and achievable project plans.

As the founder of Pertmaster NA and Acumen and inventor of products including Acumen Fuse, we are the leading authority in project risk management and schedule analytics.

Confidence in a Box

Confidence in a Box

We don’t offer staff augmentation; we don’t charge hourly or day rates either. Our pricing model is value-based. Plain and simple.  

Our workshops are offered at fixed-price. Think of it as ‘confidence in a box’. Need just a schedule review? That’s fine – we offer that. Need a full integrated cost and schedule risk workshop? That’s fine too.

You own it all. Not just the results and the briefings but the actual schedule models; the risk models; the risk register – everything that comes from our engagement becomes a project asset.

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